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About us

About Us

Onecom Global Communicaitons has developed the next generation carrier class network designed to accelerate IP Transit and connect content creators with users faster, reliably and in the fewest hops. Our global network is based on carrier grade secure IP Transit and has a continuously growing list of over 2,500+ direct peer interconections.

With its innovative and modern design, our network provides the best solution for internet connectivity and directly benefits our clients by enabling them to push data around the world in an intelligent method, choosing the most direct and efficent path to their users.

About us

Our Network

Onecom's Autonomous System AS51185 is in the world's Top 6 IPv4 backbones and as a best-in-class provider in transit solutions, 95% of the most popular sites accessible through Onecom experience measurably faster page-load times.

Our network reaches locations around the world, specifically in key cities throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Asia and our clients range from internet service providers and telecom operators to content delivery networks (CDNs) and small networks who need IP Transit.

About us

Global Interconnectivity for Today's Internet

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